Arbico Organics

Arbico OrganicsArbico Organics has been in business since 1979.  Rick and Sheri Frey started by rearing a tiny wasp called a fly parasite that was used to control filth flies in their developing pupal stage that we called Fly Eliminators.  They have been used by feedlots, dairies, poultry, swine, slaughterhouses and other places where flies are a major nuisance.  In particular, they are used by thousands of horse owners and major racetracks such as Churchill Downs, Del Mar Racecourse and Philadelphia Park to name a few.

Our specialty is biological control which is the use of beneficial insects or organisms to control insect, fungal and weed pests in their developing stages.  We sell generalist predators such as ladybugs and praying mantids and specialists such as whitefly, mite and aphid parasites.  We offer one of the most extensive listings in the country.

The business was started out of a desire to make a difference.  Both Rick and Sheri were determined to do something that was more than just a job.  Hence, the Arbico Organics vision statement: “To work with the global community providing natural alternatives that re-awaken the human spirit and bring the world into harmony”.

With Rick’s background as a wildlife biologist and Sheri’s business background, Arbico Organics took advantage of an opportunity to sell beneficial fly parasites to feedlots and dairies as an alternative to noxious and toxic synthetic fly control sprays and oral larvicides. Our desire to make the world a better place became the catalyst that drove their business to include a full line of products that includes seed care and propagation, natural fertilizers, amendments, microorganisms, enzymes, nutrients, weed and disease controls, critter abatement, composting supplies and tools for organic homes, gardens, lawns, farms and pets.  Today our business is thriving as more and more individuals and companies are getting off the pesticide treadmill; choosing safer alternatives that are economical and good for our environment.

Our free catalog is packed with educational tips and is a handy tool for getting started whether you are interested in how to manage ants and other crawling insect pests indoors and outdoors or planting your first organic garden.  Our customers range from homeowners to market gardeners, greenhouses, hydroponics, community gardens, CSA’s and large commercial growers.  We recommend that first time gardeners start small and grow bigger once they have more experience.  Our products are affordable, easy to use and regenerative.  They also provide outstanding results!

Most people do not know that we have such a wide array of products.  Our NemAttack and NemaSeek Beneficial Nematodes are a multi-purpose product that will control termites, fleas and ticks, caterpillar pests, borers, grubs and other soil dwelling pests.  We have found that when a customer has an insect infestation on their plants, they also have a soil infertility issue.  First we treat the symptoms with a biological and or a botanical, trap adults when possible, and then treat the cause with the Arbico Organics Healthy Soil Recipe:  fertilizer, microorganisms and enzymes!

Our new store located at 10831 N. Mavinee Drive in Oro Valley is stocked with all of our products including others that are specific to our desert climate, for example, heirloom organic seeds and fertilizers.  We believe our Arbico Organics Compost Plus is unsurpassed!  It is abundantly rich and when mixed with Arbico Organics Rice Hulls, makes an excellent potting soil.  Many of our local organic growers use it to grow their produce.  We offer training and classes throughout the year at our main location and our consultation is free.  If you have a pest problem and do not know what it is and would like a solution, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help by providing you with a sustainable, organic solution.