Selected sponsored initiatives are featured below. There is a common thread among all of the initiatives:

“A product of value supported by effective underlying business systems providing a platform to attract, leverage and support exceptional human capital.”

While the businesses featured here are varied as to product and field of endeavor, it is our belief that all businesses are the same when it comes to the basic business functions. The same process and methodical approach can be and has been applied to each business.

It is the business system that provides the platform for ordinary people to become extraordinarily successful.


Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch

The homesites of Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch combine quality and affordability, privacy and convenience unlike anywhere else in the American Southwest.
Tucked against protected land, Red Hawk offers quiet, high desert living just minutes from health care, entertainment and the amenities of modern life, but in a secluded, master-planned landscape that’s beautifully rugged, removed and remote.

St. David Springs

The clear skies and 3,800 feet of elevation produce night skies that Van Gogh would have loved to paint.
Just 10 minutes from Benson and one hour from Tucson, the homesites in the new Southern Arizona oasis of St. David Springs offer natural beauty, preserved park land and farm-ready, resource-rich homesteads for true country living and the chance to live close to the land.


ReliantHeart manufactures the implantable HeartAssist5® Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) which increases the cardiac output of a patient suffering from heart failure sufficiently to permit the patient to live.The HeartAssist5® is the only remotely monitored VAD in the world.


Innovation and dedication led to many breakthrough steps in technology that allow the Total Artificial Heart patient to live comfortably outside the Hospital and resume a normal life.


With the mission of consolidating the Kennel Boarding Industry.


By 1986 AlphaGraphics locations had ignited in the Soviet Union and China. Documents were transmitted into those countries without intervention and printed without government intervention.

Arizona Lithographers

Arizona Lithographers developed the specialty of printing sublimation dyes on paper and transferring the images to other substrates.