Executive Suites at Kolb Executive Park

1610 North Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85715

Kolb Executive Suites details

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Eliminate Distractions and increase Productivity

  • There’s a better alternative to working from home. Get Focused
  • Work how it suits you best in a flexible Kolb Executive Suite
  • Eliminate distractions and make the day count.
  • Distractions wastes energy, focus restores energy.


Private Executive Suites

  • Rent for 6 months or one year,
  • Locking door

Round Table

  • Plug in up to 4 laptops and have a round table meeting.
  • Internet provided.

Meeting & Conference Room

  • One spacious Zoom friendly conference room
  • Schedule the conference room with Google Calendar

Ready for you to plug in

  • Bring your own laptop and plug in
  • Office not required.
  • Your card allows access 24/7
  • Network printer and copier
  • No charge for PDF images
  • Prints and copies billed at EOM

Key Card

  • Key card provides entrance, conference room and “round table”
  • The virtual office for On-the-Go professionals at just $52 per month.

If you “officed here, you’d be home by now”

  • 1610 North Kolb
  • At the Kolb extension bridge and Kolb
  • Plenty of customer and client parking
  • On the loop
  • Ride to the office
  • Ride and walk at lunch
  • 137 car free miles
  • The executive suites that promote safety and fitness


  • Lunch and refreshments on your terms
  • Be customer and meeting ready

You and others are on loop and on the move…

  • Be inspired, be around others that are making a difference. Entrepreneurs of all types, learn and share with others. Make everyday fun.
  • No matter the time of day or the day. Kolb Executive Suites are available to you and to your clients 24/7. Get your best work done when you want.
  • Work happiness is a shared experience and success, and enthusiasm are contagious.


Two Offices Currently Available: