Message to Customers, Residents, Collaborators and Suppliers

The events we see racing toward us could not have been imagined a few years ago. An urbanization trend throughout the USA. Denser urban communities, fewer nearby outdoor activities, less open space and little space for the family car.

We offer an opportunity and option to individuals and families wishing to enjoy wide open spaces, the outdoors and a rural environment without being “fenced in”.

Our suburban/rural communities of Red Hawk at J6 Ranch and St David Springs focus on liberating individuals from the confines of urban life and a short commute to the city while retaining the benefits of modern technology. Our homes are designed and built to achieve an energy star rating and for a minor additional investment the homes can become NetZero. You will not be “fenced in” and RV Garages are available in all the communities we develop.

Individuals interested in encouraging work ethic in their young and outdoor life for their families may choose St David Springs; a farming community ripe with fertile ground and artesian water supply.

Individuals living part time or full time in Arizona may choose Red Hawk at J6 Ranch. An elevation of 4,500 feet produces a moderate climate year-round. Lots range from  2.2 acres to 5+ acres, after dark is made brighter and romantic by the starry nights.

Both St David Springs and Red Hawk at J6 Ranch are within commuting distance to Tucson and Sierra Vista.

We are dedicated to continually evolving a set of values, attitudes and behaviors that will allow us to consistently provide a superior experience to our customer/residents and team.