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FDA Approves the Freedom® Portable Driver That Powers The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart »

“These patients can be discharged and live in their homes and communities while they wait for their matching donor hearts.”

Man Saved by First Total Artificial Heart Implant at Carolinas Medical Center »

Doctors at Carolinas Medical Center were the first to implant the total artificial heart or TAH, in the Carolinas.

First Patient Receives HeartAssist5® VAD Following CE Mark Approval »

The first advanced stage heart failure patient received its next generation HeartAssist5® Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) since the company earned CE Mark approval for design enhancements just weeks ago.

ReliantHeart’s HeartAssist5® achieves European CE Mark, which includes True Flow Remote Monitoring »

ReliantHeart’s HeartAssist5® achieves European CE Mark, which includes True Flow Remote Monitoring. Remote Monitoring via vadlink.com of True Flow, Speed and Power is only available on one VAD: the HeartAssist5®.

ReliantHeart goes head-to-head with Thoratec to aim for U.S. LVAD market »

ReliantHeart touts study data finding that its HeartAssist5 left ventricular assist device poses a lower risk of blood clots and damage compared with Thoratec’s HeartMate II.

Thrombus Formation Patterns Absent in HeartAssist5 »

Head to Head thrombogenic performance comparative study of the two VADs: Thoratec HeartMate II and the ReliantHeart – HeartAssist 5, demonstrates that Clotting and Thrombus formation patterns observed in the HeartMate II are absent in the HeartAssist5.

SynCardia’s Ford tackles turnaround of heart-pump maker ReliantHeart »

In late October, Ford launched a new company, ReliantHeart Inc., formed from the bankruptcy assets of Houston-based MicroMed Technology Inc. The company’s HeartAssist 5 is the only VAD that offers constant monitoring of blood flow and heart function, Ford said. The roughly $100,000 device uses an ultrasonic probe to collect flow and other data and relay it to a wireless controller that can be accessed by health-care providers and patients.

ReliantHeart HeartAssist5® VAD achieves CE Mark for European distribution »

The ReliantHeart HeartAssist 5®Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) has been CE Mark approved in Europe for use in patients requiring ventricular support due to end stage heart failure. The CE Mark for the HeartAssist 5® was previously granted to MicroMed Technology, Inc. and was first available for European distribution in 2009.

ReliantHeart to manufacture, sell and support the HeartAssist5® VAD with Rodger Ford as CEO »

ReliantHeart, Inc. has become the successor-in-interest to the assets of MicroMed Technology, Inc., the manufacturer of a class III ventricular assist device (VAD) called the HeartAssist5®. Rodger Ford will serve as Director and Chief Executive Officer of ReliantHeart. Mr. Ford was previously the CEO of Tucson-based artificial heart company SynCardia.

Heart of ‘bionic man’ came from Tucson »

A “bionic man” showcased in a Smithsonian Channel documentary and exhibit was designed as an artificial human, though it lacks several working organs. But it has a beating heart — the Total Artificial Heart, made by Tucson-based SynCardia Systems Inc.