Americans Relocate to Lower Risk Climates as Natural Disasters Increase

Benson, Arizona. November 23, 2018. Last week the federal government published a highly anticipated Fourth National Climate Assessment regarding the effects of climate change which have resulted in the devastating deadly wildfires, hurricanes, droughts and floods which have impacted the country in recent years.  The report’s message is clear:  These catastrophes are expected to worsen.

Meanwhile, the northeastern United States experienced a tremendous cold spell this month, causing many to question the legitimacy of the climate change report, although scientists have long asserted that seasonal weather conditions are not the same as long-term climate trends.

Nevertheless, the risk of natural disasters such as fires, floods and hurricanes, along with having to endure freezing temperatures have caused many Americans to relocate to climates that are more “cordial” –  away from extreme weather conditions and virtually free of the natural disasters that occur in other parts of the country.  (Watch the Cordial Climate of Cochise County)

One state experiencing population growth due to low risk of natural disasters is Arizona. And within Arizona, people are choosing communities that reflect a more easy-going lifestyle such as northeast Cochise County in southern Arizona.  This is an area characterized by open space, clean air, and mountain views. A rural feel, yet only 30 minutes to the Tucson International Airport and downtown, and with cooler temperatures than urban Phoenix to the north.

New communities are underway in Cochise county, such as Vigneto, a 14,000 acre master planned community offering  recreational amenities with a modern take on the old-world architecture of Tuscany.

198 N from 1st riseSt David Springs, is another comfortable community situated along the bird-watching paradise of the San Pedro River, and breath-taking Red Hawk at J6 Ranch offers 3+ acre lots for custom homes in a grassy highlands area famed for John F. Kennedy’s visit to the J-6 Ranch as a young man.

“In southern Arizona, you can build a home safe from fires, hurricanes and blizzards,” said Rodger Ford, developer of Red Hawk, “so many people in the country have lost their homes.  We want to help them build their forever homes.”