PetsHotel was developed and evolved by David Mackstaller and Rodger Ford in 1996 with the mission of consolidating the kennel boarding Industry.

The Tucson location served as the flagship and test bed of the PetsHotel platform. The hotel was developed with the metaphors of the human hotel experience combined with the child day-care experience. As always, the systems came first and required two years of development before the doors opened. The PetsHotel model was designed to fit within existing retail centers. All surfaces were designed to be impervious to moisture … no bacteria and no odor.

PetsMart incorporated the PetsHotel into their stores, first in Arizona and now nationwide … the rest is history. PetsMart is the largest specialty retailer of services and solutions for Total Lifetime Care of pets. With more than 1,000 stores across the United States and Canada, customers know PetsMart as a leader in the pet care industry.

What some customers have said about PetsHotel:

“I think PetsHotel did a great job. Our dog was happy and cared for and everyone knew his name. He just seemed to have a great time, and we really like it. The service is great.”

– Huntington, NY, customer


“I like the very friendly, caring staff that works there. They are very fond of my cat, and it’s obvious that he likes to go there.”

– Littleton, CO, customer


“PetsHotel is the best place that I’ve had my pet stay over at; the people are very knowledgeable, very caring. It’s immaculate; the hours and location are wonderful. I’m very happy with PetsHotel.”

– Huntington, NY customer


“I really like that they let me talk to my dog on the phone, and I just thought that was a very unique feature that they have. They said, when I called to check on her and talk to her, that she was very happy and having a great time. The staff seemed very knowledgeable and qualified.”

– Aurora, IL, customer


“I’m very happy with the service. My dog seems very happy to go there and it gives me peace of mind to know that he is there and being well taken care of and is safe. He seems to really like it.”

– John’s Creek, GA, customer


“I like PetsHotel because of the high-quality care, friendly and attentive staff, and fantastic facilities. It’s everything I’m looking for in a pet care facility at a very reasonable price.”

– Tempe, AZ, customer


“I like that they have someone on-site 24 hours. I have a very active dog and Doggie Day Camp gives him something to do. Plus, the staff is very friendly and the place is clean.”

– La Jolla, CA, customer


“I feel like my dog is safe and well taken care of at PetsHotel. The staff is professional and courteous. They know my dog by first name when I walk him in the door. We feel very comfortable and safe leaving our pet at PetsMart PetsHotel.”

– Cary, NC, customer


“I use PetsHotel for Doggie Day Camp twice a week. I think the staff is absolutely wonderful. They demonstrate a real care and concern for my pet, and it just reassures me to know that when I drop her off, she’s going to be well cared for. I have recommended PetsHotel to several friends and family members, and definitely look forward to continuing my relationship with them.”

– Fairfax, VA, customer