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Rodger Ford’s Teams Win Big in the Arena and in Business »

Success is the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. In this case, herding cows in less time than their competitors during three event rounds is what success looks like in this case. And that is exactly what Rodger Ford and his team accomplished at the 2013 Reno Rodeo

Companion 2 Hospital Driver Wins Silver at Medical Design Excellence Awards »

The Companion 2 (C2) Driver System is a CEO directed product championed by Rodger Ford during the time that he modernized the Total Artificial Heart.

SynCardia’s Total Artificial Heart: “My Lifeline” says New Yorker »

The Freedom Driver and its hospital companion, The Companion Driver were developed by Rodger Ford as CEO projects under his leadership of SynCardia from 2006 to 2011

Rodger Ford Wins Pierce College Ranch Sorting and Team Penning Fundraiser »

Dozens of cowboys and cowgirls kicked up the dirt Saturday for the second annual Ranch Sorting and Team Penning fundraiser at Pierce College’s Equestrian Center in Woodland Hills.

The two-day event, hosted by the college’s Equestrian Science program, features horsemanship skills that challenged students and professionals alike. Proceeds from the fundraiser go toward the Equestrian Center, the care of the program’s horses and student scholarships.

E-Myth Principles Create Success for AlphaGraphics, Anthem Equity Group, SynCardia, EasyCare, and Many Others »

Many companies exist today whose origins and longevity can be traced to the original release of Michael E. Gerber’s mega-blockbuster, The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It. Perhaps no other book in history has impacted the economy so significantly. “The book and the teachings of Michael E. Gerber became the platform reference for the evolution of AlphaGraphics Print Shops of the Future,” says Rodger Ford, who subsequently created, Anthem Equity Group, PetsHotel (housed within PetsMart) and transformed SynCardia (the world’s only artificial heart) and many others.

Tucson Based PetsHotel Caters to 4-Legged Guests »

At PetsHotel Plus, Fido can get his own suite, complete with a TV and phone, and be pampered during Yappy Hour and playtime while his “parents” travel worry free. After all, PetsHotel Plus is dealing with people who think their dogs and cats are little persons.

PetsHotel Owners Win Award »

Rodger Ford and David Mackstaller knew they were on to something when they combined ideas from the hotel, daycare and kennel industries to create an upscale hotel for dogs and cats called PetsHotel Plus in Tucson. The business caters to pet owners who must leave their beloved animals behind when they travel. For their unusual idea and entrepreneurship, Rodger Ford and David Mackstaller, co-managers of PetsHotel Plus International, have been given the Arizona Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award in the services category.

Owners Ready To Take PetsHotel Concept On The Road »

Two local franchising experts are ready to unleash their pet boarding concept on the country. Ford said the PetsHotel is a blend of the comfort and safety of a first-class hotel and a children’s day-care center, and the cleanliness of a restaurant – a place where owners know their pet will be safe and comfortable when they travel.

PetsHotel Plus – Equal Parts Kennel, Hotel and Daycare Center »

Equal parts kennel, hotel, and daycare center, PetsHotel Plus is the first of its kind and the brain child of Alphagraphics founder Rodger Ford and David Mackstaller, a developer of the hugely successful National Self Storage chain.

New PetsHotel Pampers Animals »

Tucson entrepreneurs Rodger Ford and David Mackstaller figured out a way for pet owners to have guilt-free vacations – a luxury hotel for pets.