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E-Myth Principles Create Success for AlphaGraphics, Anthem Equity Group, SynCardia, EasyCare, and Many Others »

Many companies exist today whose origins and longevity can be traced to the original release of Michael E. Gerber’s mega-blockbuster, The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It. Perhaps no other book in history has impacted the economy so significantly. “The book and the teachings of Michael E. Gerber became the platform reference for the evolution of AlphaGraphics Print Shops of the Future,” says Rodger Ford, who subsequently created, Anthem Equity Group, PetsHotel (housed within PetsMart) and transformed SynCardia (the world’s only artificial heart) and many others.

AlphaGraphics Purchased by an Affiliate of Blackstreet Capital »

Business and marketing communications franchisor AlphaGraphics Inc., formerly owned by the UK-based G A Pindar & Son, has been purchased by an affiliate of Maryland-based private equity fund Blackstreet Capital Partners II.

EasyCare’s EasyBoot Offers Care and Comfort »

Garrett Ford’s horses liked the EasyBoot so much, he bought the EasyCare company. Ford, a skilled equestrian endurance racer, had used the polyurethane boot on his horses as competitor. Ford moved the company to the Tucson area because if offers the company lower operating costs and opportunities for expansion. The move also puts Ford closer to his family – his father Rodger Ford, founder of the AlphaGraphics printing business, now president of Anthem Equity Group, a real estate company.

Anthem Equity Group: Rodger Ford’s Franchising Wisdom Translated to Real Estate »

As he did with AlphaGraphics, Rodger Ford used aggressive and highly structured tactics with Anthem Investors, LLC, which he expects will own more than one million square feet of office, retail and industrial space in Tucson by the end of the year (1993)

AlphaGraphics: First Commercial Franchise To Open In The Soviet Union »

AlphaGraphics was the first commercial franchise to open in the Soviet Union — The AlphaGraphics joint venture was one of the first hundred such enterprises allowed there. The store opened on Gorky Street in 1989 – a full year before the much publicized McDonalds opening. Exporting a franchise is unlike any other form of export, according to Michael Amies, International Vice President, AlphaGraphics Printshops of the Future, based in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson, Arizona based AlphaGraphics Expands to Asia, Creates AsiaGraphics »

A network of shops called “AsiaGraphics” will be linked to AlphaGraphics shops worldwide, and will give AlphaGraphics entree to other asian countries by providing global visibility and recognition.

AlphaGraphics Founder Rodger Ford on Developing a Profitable Alliance »

Many experts predicted that the rising popularity of DTP (Desktop Publishing) would spell the decline of quick printing. Instead, quick printers adopted the technology for their own use and some, like AlphaGraphics Printshops of the Future, Tucson, Arizona, took it a step further by making DTP available to their customers

AlphaGraphics Franchise is Pace-Setter in Persian Gulf »

The Tucson-based printing and copying firm AlphaGraphics has a new franchise in Manama, Bahrain, and is setting company records for newly opened franchises. The Bahrain franchise was scheduled to open midsummer, then came the August 2nd invations of Kuwait, about 400 miles northwest of the island. Now, AlphaGraphics is finding that the Persian Gulf is the right place to be for a new business, at least while things are still quiet.

AlphaGraphics: Franchising’s Fast Track To Freedom »

Restless employees have long dreamed the dream of being their own boss. But in the 1990’s, the old entrepreneurial impulse has taken on a new urgency. The AlphaGraphics Printshops chain stays competitive by providing the latest technology and offering self-service.

AlphaGraphics In the USSR: Freedom of the Printing Press »

A “quick print” shop in the Soviet Union used to be a misnomer. But no more. Now an AlphaGraphics Printshops of the Future franchise is open for business near Red Square-the first non-government printing facility in the U.S.S.R in decades. Rodger Ford, president of AlphaGraphics, tells how his business had made history back in the U.S.S.R.