Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit

Resources and templates to assist any type of business

“The principle is to begin any enterprise with a solid system foundation or platform which allows ordinary people to become extraordinarily successful”
– Rodger Ford, Anthem Equity Group

E-Myth »
A summary of The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber

We have applied the wisdom of Michael Gerber as expressed in The E-Myth to the businesses we have operated and invented. We have created many tools and systems and injected our approach into published applications here. The objective has always been to leverage human capital by applying a Systems approach to the opportunity.

Here are a series of Systems, which can be downloaded at no charge, and can be utilized for consistent results in any business:

Recruiting »
Evaluate potential team members in a way that assures the best candidates are selected. This procedure and series of assessment tools allow for consistent progression and evaluation of each candidate.

Goals, Budgets and Forecasts »
To succeed, a company needs to know what it wants or needs to accomplish and how it will accomplish it. This is a guideline for parallel goal setting and budgeting, along with team member awareness and reporting on the company’s financial condition.

Standard Operating Procedures »
As a foundation to all business systems, this is a method to write clear and concise policy statements, procedures and their related checklists, instructions and forms.

Accelerating Outcomes »
This tool is used to accelerate the outcomes of projects by engaging and tracking team members’ contributions, and to set benchmarks that may result in quick failures, in order to produce more successful outcomes for each step toward completion of the project.