Valley Protective Services at Kolb Executive Park

Valley Protective Services of  Tucson, Located at 1580 N. Kolb Rd. Suite 206 has been in business over 10 years, the culmination of experience and contacts span over 50 years of Police, Military, and Private Sector service. Having a unique blend in leadership of security and property management, our patrol teams receive training on more than just the basics.

One of Valley Protective Services’ core beliefs is that a proactive customer service philosophy allows us to provide a superior product to our clients. Since its inception, Valley Protective Services has become known for exceeding our client’s expectations and re-defining what is expected of a security company.
This proactive customer service attitude, coupled with our highly trained staff’s ability to intervene in crimes in progress, is a refreshing change from the traditional security model of “observe and report”. Our paradigm shift from the traditional to the modern, proactive community oriented private patrol operator has proven to be a resounding success with our clients.

A basic cornerstone of our business model, the customer service philosophy is instilled in everyone at each level of our team. From the ownership and executive management, to the line level patrol officer understands that by becoming an extension of your team, working toward shared goals, we will all be successful. That does not mean that we promise perfection. What we do promise is to find a quick and reasonable solution to solve every problem brought before us.

GPS Tracking & Online Reporting: Designed and developed exclusively for Valley Protective Services, Client Vision once again raises the bar within the security industry. This cutting-edge technology combines electronic reporting, photographic journals, electronic audio files and GPS technology to provide transparency within the reporting process, allowing the client to know exactly where their guard is, what they are doing and what they are seeing anytime they are on your property.

Bike and Vehicle Patrol: We at Valley Protective Services offer a wide range of service options including foot patrol, bicycle patrol, golf cart patrol and vehicle patrol. By using mountain bikes the officer is able to cover more of the grounds, increase visibility and continuously observe the property. This helps to lessen the margin for crime. All of our vehicles are marked. Our security staff is experienced with evasive driving techniques, performing traffic breaks and using vehicles to properly protect your assets.