Jenny Watkins


Jenny Watkins is the Chief Financial Officer for Anthem Equity Group, Inc., and is responsible for establishing and maintaining the company’s accounting standards, including producing financial reports, budgets, investor communications, lender communications, financial modeling for acquisition, sales and new development, as well as the oversight of several homeowner’s associations.

Ms. Watkins has played an instrumental role in other private equity opportunities arisen through Anthem Equity Group, Inc., such as PETsHOTEL, Santa Paula Ranch,, and SynCardia Systems Inc.

She is married to a former PGA golf professional who is now a high school history teacher and golf coach. They have two daughters who enjoy school, snowboarding and competitive swimming.

Ms. Watkins was raised in Tucson, Arizona, and obtained a B.S. in Finance from the University of Arizona. She has worked at Anthem Equity Group, Inc. for 24 years.