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525df0978104d_preview-620 Heart of ‘bionic man’ came from Tucson »

A “bionic man” showcased in a Smithsonian Channel documentary and exhibit was designed as an artificial human, though it lacks several working organs. But it has a beating heart — the Total Artificial Heart, made by Tucson-based SynCardia Systems Inc.

kevinandesperanza-390428 The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Saved My Life »

SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Provides Bridge to Transplant for 25-Year-Old Southern California Man Whose Father Died of the Same Disease.

Rodger Ford’s Teams Win Big in the Arena and in Business »

Success is the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. In this case, herding cows in less time than their competitors during three event rounds is what success looks like in this case. And that is exactly what Rodger Ford and his team accomplished at the 2013 Reno Rodeo

The Companion 2 Driver, which can be docked in the Hospital Cart or Caddy, powers the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart from implant until the patient's condition stabilizes. Once stable, patients who are eligible can be switched to the smaller, wearable Freedom® portable driver. Companion 2 Hospital Driver Wins Silver at Medical Design Excellence Awards »

The Companion 2 (C2) Driver System is a CEO directed product championed by Rodger Ford during the time that he modernized the Total Artificial Heart.

6-14-2013 12-37-58 PM Tucsonan Rodger Ford Writing ‘Tell-All’ for Entreprenuers »

 Posted: Friday, June 14, 2013 12:00 am Entrepreneur Rodger Ford, who resuscitated artificial heart maker SynCardia and before that grew the printing firm Alphagraphics into a major force, has responded to prodding from friends and associates to write a book. Along with New York Times best-selling author Michael E. Gerber, Ford is co-authoring a book […]

Chris Marshall Freedom® Portable Driver Selected as Silver Winner »

Freedom® portable driver, the world’s first wearable power supply for the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart, was named the 2013 Silver Winner amongst Assistive Devices in the Science/Medical category of the Edison Awards on April 25 in Chicago.

Photo-Rodger1-214x300 Founder of Alphagraphics and PetsHotel Puts Entrepreneurial Vision Into Action in New Book »

Rodger Ford has put together a winning formula for creating new business and watching it grow. New York Times best-selling author Michael E. Gerber is co-authoring a new book with Ford that will feature a behind the scenes look at what it takes to start a business from scratch and make it succeed.

imagesCAJXQ6ZU Maris Jameson Led Development of SynCardia’s Companion 2 Driver »

Under Jameson’s leadership, the C2 was rapidly developed to be the state-of-the-art driver of the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart used by SynCardia Certified Centers.

001 Resuscitating the Artificial Heart: Michael Gerber’s Heart to Heart Interview with Rodger Ford »

The principle is to begin any enterprise with a solid system foundation or platform which allows ordinary people to become extraordinarily successful.

3-1-2013 10-33-56 AM SynCardia’s 50cc Total Artificial Heart Receives Two HUD Designations from the FDA for Destination Therapy and Pediatric Bridge to Transplant »

SynCardia announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) designations for the new 50cc Total Artificial Heart to be used for destination therapy and pediatric bridge to transplant.