Maris Jameson Led Development of SynCardia’s Companion 2 Driver

15394feDue to the determination and ingenuity of Maris Jameson who was the Product Manager of the SynCardia’s Companion 2 (C2) Driver System during its development, SynCardia Systems, Inc. has been selected as one of four finalists in the Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products category of the 15th Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) for its Companion 2 (C2) Driver System, which powers the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart in the hospital.

Under Jameson’s leadership, the C2 was rapidly developed to be the state-of-the-art driver of the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart used by SynCardia Certified Centers.imagesCAJXQ6ZU

Prior to the development of the C2 Driver, the only FDA-approved driver for powering the Total Artificial Heart in the hospital, was the 418-pound ‘Big Blue’ driver.  Although Big Blue is extremely reliable, its size and weight reduces patient mobility and there are only 36 available worldwide.

The C2 Driver, in which more than 90 units are currently in SynCardia Certified Centers, is both robust and mobile, supporting very sick patients of all sizes in the operating room and in the hospital during recovery and ambulation.

The Medical Design Excellence Awards are the industry’s premier design awards competition recognizing contributions and advances in the design of medical products. The winners will be announced June 19 in Philadelphia.

Jameson is now a Product Analyst for KEEN Footwear in Portland, Oregon.