The 1% Solution

by Tom Connellan

1solutionIf you’re like most of us, you’ve probably noticed that the difference between top athletes seems to be very small – but you’ve perhaps not observed exactly how small those differences are.

Curious about this, Tom did some research and found exactly how small the differences are. In looking at the Men’s Downhill in the 2006 Winter Olympics, for example, he found that the difference between a Gold Medal and no medal was 1.08 seconds or .9%.

And no matter where he looked, he found pretty much the same thing. The difference between Gold and no medal averaged about 1%. The difference between Gold and 10th place? About 2%.

Since chances are you’re not going to compete in the Olympics, the real question is what can you learn that you can use in whatever you do. And that’s where Tom comes in. He found three things at the core of that 1% difference – three things you can use to create a comparable level of performance. They’re all in The 1% Solution.