NO SHOCK that the EasyBoot, the Nike of the horse world, wins the 100 mile Tevis horse race over the Sierras


August 4, 2012


It is no shock that EasyBoot and Garrett Ford won the 2012 Tevis Cup.  Ford crossed the finish line at 10:05 p.m. PDT on Aug. 4 to win the 2012 Tevis Cup on his 12-year-old Arabian gelding The Fury. Wife Lisa Ford followed mere steps behind to take second place on her 10-year-old bay gelding CE Cyclone. They finished amid flashes of lightning and a light rain at McCann Stadium at Gold Country Fairgrounds.

Their ride time for the 100-mile event was 14 hours, 50 minutes.

It was no SHOCK thanks to EasyBoots, the Nike of the Horse World.

Ford attributed this year’s win to training hard and the help of some familiar faces at the Tevis Cup. The Fords live in Durango and Lisa and Garrett trained with Jeremy and Heather Reynolds all summer in preparation for the ride.

“We have hills in Durango that make these look small,” Garrett Ford said after the ride. “I can go into my backyard and go from 6,800 feet to 12,000 feet.”

Jeremy Reynolds was last year’s first-place finisher but dropped out at mile 8 as his horse had earlier tumbled over a waterfall and was not able to continue. The horse and Jeremy have a few scratches and bruises and are otherwise fine. Heather Reynolds shared the top spot with the Fords for most of this year’s race until she was pulled due to lameness at Francisco’s checkpoint with 15 miles to go.

It was a satisfying finish for Ford Saturday night as he finished in fifth place last year. In addition to training hard, Ford said his success was in his horse. The Fury has finished in the top 10 at the Tevis Cup in each of last three years and won the Haggin Cup for best condition and finished in 8th place two years ago…always in EasyBoots.

Ford owns EasyBoot hoof products and also trained with third-place finisher Kevin Myers and fourth-place finisher Rusty Toth, both of Durango.  The Tevis Cup (first place) was won by Garrett Ford and The Fury and The Haggin Cup (Best Condition) was won by Rusty Toth and Stoner in a completion time of just over 15 hours.

The SHOCK protection provided by the EasyBoot (the Nike of the horse world) provided both comfort and protection to the horses over the 100 miles of rocky and abusive terrain.

The first four horses in the top ten were in EasyBoots. Six of the top ten horses at Tevis used EasyBoots.

Thirty one percent of all finishing horses were in EasyBoots and horses in EasyBoots enjoyed a 67% completion rate compared to a 43% non-Easybooted horse completion rate. 206 horses started and 22% were in EasyBoots.

Horses that started in EasyBoots had a 50% better chance of completing the 7th most difficult endurance competition in the world (according to Time Magazine). The last three finishers were in EasyBoots.

The Tevis Trail begins 10 miles east of Squaw Valley and leads west to Auburn. Over the course of 100 miles the trail loses 21,000 feet and gains 17,000 feet. Three enormous canyons beginning at Last Chance and ending at Forest Hill can take the starch out of both horse and rider. The trail is rocky and undulating from start to finish and EasyBoots provide the hoof and foot protection and cushioning that keeps the horses comfortable. Imagine the difference in going 100 miles on a steel shoe or 100 miles on and EasyBoot cushion.

About EasyBoot: What began in 1970 with the invention of the Easyboot has since grown into a full line of hoof boots and natural hoof care products that protect the hoof, allow horses to cover rough terrain, act as a spare tire in case of a lost shoe, and aid in the treatment of laminitis and other hoof problems. EasyCare’s hoof boot brands include the Easyboot, Boa Horse Boot, Old Mac’s and EasySoaker.

The EasyBoot products are becoming the choice of horse owners and riders that want the best performance comebined with the best comfort for their horses. Look for the EasyCare products to make inroads in the traditional shoe market in all disciplines.