E-Myth Principles Create Success for AlphaGraphics, Anthem Equity Group, SynCardia, EasyCare, and Many Others


June 14, 2012, Sacramento California

Timeless Celebration of Founders and Fathers

It’s mind-boggling to conceive how many companies exist today whose origins and longevity can be traced to the original release of Michael E. Gerber’s mega-blockbuster, The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It.  Perhaps no other book in history has impacted the economy so significantly.

Dr. Ivan Misner, Chairman and Founder of BNI, the largest business networking organization in the world, is a prime example of the book’s riveting impact.  In the beginning, the scalability of a franchise “was nowhere in my mind” Dr. Misner admits.  Launched from the spare bedroom of his home, he recalls how “The E-Myth went with me everywhere in that house like a new puppy.”  Twenty-five years later Dr. Misner is the world’s leading expert in business networking and referral marketing.

In an unprecedented move by the publisher, HARPERCOLLINS, a silver anniversary edition of The E-Myth will be released this month in celebration of the author’s 75th birthday. Only 5,000 books will be printed.  What better way to honor the man who has everything than to commemorate Father’s Day with a signed and numbered, limited edition book written by the father of small business.

The ripple effect of Gerber’s insights on systems thinking surrounds us.  Many early Gerber fans have already transitioned the family business they started to the next generation of leadership.  Still others, like serial entrepreneur, Rodger Ford, have peppered the Earth with legacies of his entrepreneurial brilliance.

Ford, who was named Arizona’s Entrepreneur of the Year on two separate occasions for different businesses, applied Gerber’s principles to span geographic and cultural boundaries in major centers like Toronto, London, Sydney, Mexico City, Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul and nearly every state in the USA.

“The book and the teachings of Michael E. Gerber became the platform reference for the evolution of AlphaGraphics Print Shops of the Future,” says Ford, who subsequently created, Anthem Equity Group, PetsHotel (housed within PetsMart) and transformed SynCardia (the world’s only artificial heart) and many others.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in 1994, Garrett, son of Rodger and Amy Ford, applied the principles of the E-Myth to EasyBoot which has become the “Nike of the Horse World”. Tyler, the older brother of Garrett, applied the principles of the E-Myth to EyeOnMyLoan, a software program to streamline the mortgage lending process. EyeOnMyLoan is now owned by Home Loan Services, a Warren Buffet Company. Nephew, Rodger Hanft, applied the E-Myth to SoundSpeakerRepair.com which has grown to a world class supplier of aftermarket professional audio repair and support.

The collector’s edition of The E-Myth is a 20th century work of art, the perfect Father’s Day gift for any enterprising man.  In life as it is in business, don’t wait to take action or someone else will capitalize on the opportunity.  Order your limited edition book today http://bit.ly/E_Bration or contact Patricia Beaulieu, (949) 636-6113 or trish@nullmichaelegerber.com.